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We also handle other quality 20th Century Decorative Arts, including Lalique, Fairyland Lustre, Deco figurines, and Australian Pottery.




Castle Harris Fruiting Vine small vase. AU $390




Merric  Boyd Landscape Vase. AU$2650.

Mcv011s.   Merric Boyd rare minature Landscape Vase. AU$1157.


Mcv015s.   Very well moulded Lizard piece by Bacon. POA.



Remued Koala Vase. POA.



Castle Harris  superb Parrot. POA.



Rare Castle Harris Skinks. POA.


Ausralian Pottery Frog. Brochure Item.



Remued Red and blue Gumnuts Jug. AU$850.



Rare signed Thelma Cowan Koala Ashtray. AU$1450.



Una Deerbon Fruit and Vine Tray. AU$380.


Una Deerbon small Fruit and Vine Jug. AU$380.



Una Deerbon Fruit and Vine jug. AU$680.




Arthur Merric Boyd Horses Bookend.  Brochure Item.

Arthur Merric Boyd small Tumblers.             POA.




Merric Boyd Jug, signed and Xmas Hills.1952. POA.

Merric Boyd superb large Cockatoo Jug. 1948. POA.



Australian Studio Vase, signed.                     $350.


Studio Pottery Gumnuts Vase, A.Ward.          $95.


Australian Pottery small Gumnuts Trough.    $35.


Australian Pottery Vase. Pates Pottery.           $25.



Large Leaf Tray Australian Pottery. S.A.H.      $95.

Arthur Merric Boyd small Tray. $275.


Small Remued Gumnuts Vase. $280.



Superb Merric Boyd Landscape Relief Vase. POA.




Large Florenz Gumnuts vase. $350

Large Remued Grape and Leaf Jug. $2750.



Large Shelmar Lizard Vase. $380


Small Cruffel Vase by Merric Boyd. $1100.



Large Merric Boyd stoneware Landscape Vase 1923.  $1150.



Grace Seccombe rare Blue Wren Bookends. Brochure Item.




Superb rare Castle Harris Frilled Neck Lizard. Brochure Item.

Margaret Mahood Lizard.                        POA.




Vi  Eyre  Frog on a Lily Pad 1932. Brochure Item.

Grace Seccombe Fog on a Log. Brochure Item.


Flora Landells Floral Vase.    Brochure Vase.



Superb John Percival Angels series piece . Brochure Item.




Castle Harris Frog.      Brochure Item.

Pair of Frilled Lizards Vases.                       POA.


Grace Seccombe Platypus on a log. Brochure Item.



Signed Koala on a trough.                POA.









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